Baranov alone will not do: a former judge against the generals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The Editorial Board of The Russian Post received new documents about the vigorous, quite possibly illegal activities of the former head of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the North-Eastern District, General Konstantin Stroganov.

Let us recall this “chronicle of a dive bomber”: for almost 2 years, the editors of The Russian Post dealt with the corruption cases of General Stroganov, whose executive employees promised journalists a “fun” life... As a result, the case even came to court: on December 4 last, 2023, Babushkinsky District Court for 98 minutes considered the claim of Major General Stroganov against the author of these lines. Mr. Stroganov tried to defend his honor, dignity and business reputation.

But this whole set of general qualities suddenly cracked. And it cracked like a clay pot beaten by life: on December 28, we journalists were informed that 43-year-old General Stroganov had retired. This was later reported by Kommersant .

Let us also note that another general, the head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Moscow, Oleg Baranov, fought for the “survivability” of General Stroganov, but in the end a certain case was formed against General Baranov, which was reported to The Russian Post by an informant from Petrovka 38. And, they say that and General Baranov may soon leave Petrovka 38, since for several years he covered up the gross corruption of General Stroganov.

And only now, having familiarized yourself with the new package of documents on the cases of generals Baranov and Stroganov, you begin to understand why recently employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, including former ones, have contacted the Editorial Office so often. After all, the head of Petrovka 38 Baranov, thanks to such gutta-percha generals as Stroganov, made his department a “quiet backwater”: and an example of this is the thunderous case of the so-called “police ombudsman” Vorontsov and three former police officers who tried to help Vorontsov in the confrontation with the generals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs . But in the end, everyone ended up behind bars... Our readers write about this to the Editorial Office, in particular Lyudmila Tagirovna Moiseeva from Penza, a judge with 19 years of work experience.

The correspondent of The Russian Post looked into new, shocking details .

Letter from Judge Moiseeva

There are many characters in the case of the founder of the “Police Ombudsman” project, Vladimir Vorontsov... And, in particular, his former police colleagues - Evgeny Moiseev, Vasily Fedorov and Irina Andina - also came to the defense of Major Vorontsov. In the end, everyone ended up behind bars.

The details of this truly shocking story are to come.

But for now I would like to dwell on the letter that came to the Editorial Office from Penza on simple pieces of paper; this letter was written by hand.

The author of the letter is former judge of the Penza Regional Court Lyudmila Tagirovna Moiseeva, and police captain Evgeny Moiseev, who tried to defend Major Vorontsov, is the son of judge Moiseeva.

Baranov alone will not do: a former judge against the generals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Evgeny Moiseev. Photo:

Let us quote part of the letter: “Yes, my son Evgeny Moiseev acted, perhaps, impudently, interfering in the activities of the police. But this impudence could not entail criminal liability! I am embarrassed to characterize my son, but he is, indeed, an exceptionally decent and honest person. "Many people turned to him for help. And in most cases, he helped people completely disinterestedly. I can say, and even with pride, that not only a candy wrapper, not a speck of foreign dust stuck to our family, to our family!"

Here’s a letter...

Hearts of Three, Or "Save the Police Ombudsman"

So, while General Baranov and his faithful “squire” Colonel Stroganov were “drowning” Major Vorontsov, three of his associates, police officers - Evgeny Moiseev, Irina Andina and Vasily Fedorov, tried to defend Vladimir Vorontsov - as mentioned above.

The video can be viewed HERE .

By the way, MIA employee Irina Andina turned to Major Vorontsov for support when she lost her job in Saransk. And in difficult times she herself came to the aid of Vladimir Vorontsov.

What did Moiseev, Fedorov and Andina do that ended up in prison?

They made a “movie” in which they told and showed how on Petrovka 38 they “sew” criminal cases against unwanted people.

Baranov alone will not do: a former judge against the generals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Evgeny Moiseev, Vasily Fedorov and Irina Andina. Photo:

It should be noted that ex-police officer Irina Andina led the life of a double agent for a whole year, portraying the victim of Major Vorontsov in order to collect enough evidence of abuses by CSS officers.

And here Colonel Stroganov and one of his associates, namely a former employee of the department for combating organized crime in Yekaterinburg, Maxim Krivoshein, emerge in all their glory again. He worked under the leadership of Konstantin Stroganov in the OBOP in Yekaterinburg. In 2018, Stroganov and Krivoshein left together for a promotion to the capital.

Further, in March 2021, Colonel Stroganov was appointed head of the Internal Affairs Directorate for the North-Eastern District, and Mr. Krivoshein headed the drug control department in the same Internal Affairs Directorate.

Boutiques and 5 star hotels

The video “Save the Police Ombudsman” showed exactly how people are persuaded to give the necessary testimony: they buy clothes in boutiques, check into 5-star hotels.

And Irina Andina, indeed, began to be reinstated for her assistance in fabricating a criminal case. This video was posted after Andina refused to testify, saying that she deliberately slandered Major Vorontsov for the sake of reinstatement in service.

At the trial, Irina Andina showed her cards.

The video can be viewed HERE . All three were detained

The investigative film also tells how videos about the work of the Sverdlovsk OBOP era of Konstantin Stroganov were removed from YouTube and Google searches.

Baranov alone will not do: a former judge against the generals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Colonel Konstantin Stroganov in Yekaterinburg. Photo: https://66.xn--b1aew.xn--p1ai/news/item/2126155?year=2022&month=2&day=4

And in these videos, Colonel Stroganov also appeared in other scandalous cases. By the way, The Russian Post spoke about this in its investigation “Police Stroganov style: the police general uses the civil service as his patrimony . ”

A criminal case was opened against three of Vorontsov’s associates precisely after the film “Saving the Police Ombudsman” was published on YouTube in October 2022.

On October 3, 2023, the Tverskoy District Court of Moscow found Vasily Fedorov, Evgeny Moiseev and Irina Andina guilty under Part 3 of Art. 306 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Knowingly false denunciation of the commission of a crime with the artificial creation of evidence of the accusation”). Moiseev and Fedorov received 4 years in prison, Andina (mother of two minor children) - 3 years in prison.

Could the police captain be pregnant?

Well, now I would like to remember those whom Major Vorontsov helped.

The events that will be discussed occurred in a strange pattern in 2020-2023...

After all, it was in 2020 that Major Vorontsov was arrested: having “seen enough” of wild relations within the capital’s police, he decided to fight the cavemanlike attitude towards ordinary officers in uniform, for which purpose he opened a project on social networks.

And in a short time, the “Police Ombudsman” had more than 400 thousand subscribers! This solid figure, of course, is a certain indicator of the work of the head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Moscow, General Baranov... But the “Police Ombudsman” project is a human rights project that was aimed at defending the interests of ordinary employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

But on August 2, 2022, Vladimir Vorontsov was found guilty of extortion, production of pornography and insulting a government official.

Sentence: 5 years in a general regime colony.

Baranov alone will not do: a former judge against the generals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs 

Major Vladimir Vorontsov. Photo:

And at the same time, “police” letters with incredible content began to arrive at the Editorial Board of The Russian Post. In the wake of one of them, in September 2022, a journalistic investigation was made, “The police captain cannot be pregnant?”

The essence of the story: in the capital’s Kuzminki Department of Internal Affairs, at the instigation of the chief, Colonel Sergei Vorobyov, a criminal plot unfolded, which was told by the indignant relatives of police captain Anna Kraeva. She served in the Special Technical Events Group (GSTM) of the Kuzminki Department of Internal Affairs.

Anna Sergeevna Kraeva informed her boss Sergei Aleksandrovich Vorobyov that she was going on maternity leave...

And so it began!

Apparently, in the Kuzminki Department of Internal Affairs, as in many other departments of the Moscow police, things are bad with personnel, and The Russian Post has repeatedly touched on this very sore subject in the investigations “Plug from Sobyanin” , “The Russian Post journalist was beaten. Sobyanin is silent” , “I am on Earth, the police are on Mars”

But this topic was a special case. The relatives of Captain Anna Kraeva draw attention to the bad, or rather, blatantly bad work of the police. It is not clear why the head of the Internal Affairs Directorate for the South-Eastern District, Andrei Gluzdakov, left the situation to chance?

Baranov alone will not do: a former judge against the generals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Police Colonel Andrei Gluzdakov. Photo:

And why did Colonel Gluzdakov’s people take an active part in the “harassment” of the pregnant regional police captain?

Let us note that after the publication of the investigation in The Russian Post, police captain Kraeva stopped being tormented. And they let her go on maternity leave: Anna Kraeva soon gave birth to a healthy child.

These are roughly the types of stories that Major Vorontsov dealt with before his arrest! And, of course, it caused very strong irritation to General Baranov. Looking ahead, we note that Colonel (then Colonel) Konstantin Stroganov was entrusted with dealing with the presumptuous major: at that moment, Mr. Stroganov was the head of the Department of Internal Security at Petrovka 38.

Two sources reported this to journalists at The Russian Post. And for the “neutralization” of Major Vorontsov, Colonel Stroganov was promised general’s shoulder straps.

Baranov alone will not do: a former judge against the generals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

General Oleg Baranov and Colonel Konstantin Stroganov. Photo: https://77.xn--b1aew.xn--p1ai/news/item/23533636

And Stroganov received these shoulder straps shortly after Vladimir Vorontsov was sent to IK-5, in the Kirov region.

The apartment was stormed

A few more shocking details from the case of Major Vladimir Vorontsov, who tried to help his police colleagues who found themselves in difficult situations.

Major Vorontsov himself worked in the Ministry of Internal Affairs for 13 years: he served in a department on the metro, as an operative in various departments, including the Center for Combating Extremism of the Moscow Main Internal Affairs Directorate.

He left the police because of a conflict with his superiors. And this determined his future activities. First on VKontakte, then on Telegram, but he started a public page “Police Ombudsman”, in which he talked about the problems of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. He spoke harshly about the leadership of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Moscow.

Baranov alone will not do: a former judge against the generals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Monument to Gleb Zheglov and Vladimir Sharapov on Petrovka 38. Photo:

Since April 2020, criminal cases began to be initiated against Vorontsov, and there was an active campaign in the media to discredit the Police Ombudsman project.

On May 7, 2020, Vorontsov’s apartment was stormed by special forces. And after the search, the major was sent to a pre-trial detention center: 4 criminal cases were opened against him at once.

The trial in the Vorontsov case ended on July 22, 2022 in the Lublinsky Court of Moscow. He was deprived of the right to engage in activities related to website administration for a period of 10 years. And he was stripped of the rank of “police major.”

After the arrest of Major Vorontsov, the leadership of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in Moscow appealed to everyone who could have suffered from his actions with a request to testify against the founder of the Police Ombudsman project.

Colonel Stroganov had by this time left his post as head of the CSS, since he had received the position of head of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the North-Eastern District of Moscow. But Colonel Stroganov continued to lead the case of Major Vorontsov.

To freedom with a clear conscience

Last October, 2023, Vladimir Vorontsov was released from IK-5.

Information about the release of Vladimir Vorontsov was published on the website of the Kirovo-Chepetsky District Court of the Kirov Region. RBC reported this .

Former Major Vorontsov came out...

Major General Stroganov, apparently, entered into more than one criminal case with the blessing and support of Lieutenant General Baranov.

The editors of The Russian Post are monitoring further developments.